Uwheru in United Kingdom, Oborifori Forum congratulate HRM Simpson Sapele Obruche

HRM Simpson Sapele Obruche, Odion rÓde of Uwheru Kingdom

By Tosan Edematie

Sons and daughters of the Uwheru Kingdom in the United Kingdom (UK), have congratulated His Royal Majesty (HRM) Simpson Sapele Obruche on his installation as the Odion r’Ode of Uwheru Kingdom.

Similarly, a pro-Uwheru advocacy and development group, Oborifori Forum, also hailed the emergence of HRM Simpson Sapele Obruche as the Odion r’Ode.

In a congratulatory message made on behalf of the Uwheru people in the UK, under the aegis of the Uwheru Community Union, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Barr. Sunny Idigbe, the President, described the installation of HRM Obruche as divine and well-deserved, and explains “why there is widespread jubilation across the entire Kingdom and Uwheru communities in the Diaspora.” Pouring encomiums on the Odion r’Óde, who is also a Patron of the Uwheru Union, Sunny Idigbe hailed him as a “Uwheru patriot, community developer, cultural activist, and progressive.”

Idigbe further noted that HRM Simpson Sapele Obruche is “selfless and passionate about the growth and development of Uwheru, and the larger Urhobo Nation is unpretentious.

 “During his stay here in the United Kingdom, HRM Simpson Sapele Obruche distinguished himself as a core Urhobo patriot, advocate of truth and justice, and was one of the go-to leaders in Urhobo, UPU, and Uwheru matters, not only in the United Kingdom but Europe as a whole.

 “Uwheru Community Union in the United Kingdom is so proud of him. We wish him a peaceful and prosperous reign, just as we call on every Uwheru son and daughter to rally around him and offer the necessary support, service, contribution and cooperation as His Royal Majesty steers our beloved homeland to greater heights.”

The Oborifori Forum, in a congratulatory statement on its behalf by one of its officials and Co-Founder, Benjamin Gometi, expressed confidence in HRM Simpson Obruche, saying it “hopes for the best in presiding over the affairs of Uwheru Kingdom.”

The body urged the King, “being a unifier, loving and caring father,” to “use this golden opportunity and his wealth of experience, to bring all sons and daughters of UK under one umbrella as unity is key to development.”

HRM Simpson Sapele Obruche in a chat with the Press

Oborifori Forum further requested HRM Simpson Sapele Obruche to “eject fresh blood into his cabinet to rejig the lost glory of Uwheru Kingdom,” urging him to bring in “men of proven quality and character, educated and exposed to the new order of life. “

The pan-Uwheru association appealed to citizens of the ancient Kingdom to join hands with the new Monarch and assist him in this noble task. “The ecstasy that heralded his selection throughout the UK nation is admittance of godliness and loveliness of his personality by his subjects. Once again, congratulation HRM…” the body stated.

it is noteworthy that Uwheru Kingdom has been on a positive high since the installation of HRM Simpson Sapele Obruche as the Odion r’Ode of Uwheru Kingdom. Reputed to be an unpretentious Uwheru and Urhobo activist, the Monarch, a former teacher, and administrator, was the Secretary of the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) Sapele Branch in the 60s, and for many years, actively involved in the affairs of the Urhobo Community and UPU in the United Kingdom.

Known for his knack for recording and documenting Uwheru nay Urhobo history, tradition, and cultural activities, HRM Simpson Obruche is not only a staunch member of the Urhobo Historical Society (UHS), a recipient of UHS’ Agbontaren Udih Diaspora Service Award but, for many years, coordinated the activities of the historical body in the United Kingdom and Belgium. He is also known to be a contributor to the research, and literary works of the UHS.    


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