Winners Chapel sack: Nigerians disagree with Reno

Reno Omokri

By Bamidele Lawson

Nigerians have disagreed with rights activist and former Presidential Aide, Pastor Reno Omokri, over his support for the sacking of some Pastors at the Living Faith Church, aka Winners’ Chapel.

Expressing his support for the Pastors’ sack, Reno Omokri had posted on his verified Facebook page: “I read the letter from Winners Chapel and it did not mention anything about money. Rather, it used the word “church growth”. Christ called us to engage in evangelism-Matthew 28:18-20. Any pastor that fails at that core duty should be sacked. This is what Christ told us in Matthew 25:14-29.

“The sacked pastor who went to the press after releasing a live video is playing on your emotions. He is not considering that he is undermining the faith of believers.

“In John 15:16, Christ said “I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit.” Now, ask yourself what the consequence of not bearing fruit is. Christ answered that question in John 15:2 “Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away”.

“This is why the only thing Christ ever cursed in His lifetime on Earth is the fig tree that bore no fruit-Mark 11:14. Winners Chapel is in order.”

It has been mixed reactions from Nigerians when news broke that Winners Chapel had sacked about 40 of its pastors for non-performance. However, one of the sacked Pastors, Peter Godwin, had alleged that  church sacked  him and other pastors in Ekiti State for having a church growth index that falls below expectations.

Disagreeing with Reno Omokri on the Pastors’ sack, many Facebook users expressed counter opinions, with some criticizing Winners Chapel’s action and asking the former Presidential Aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan to steer off Church matters.

Reactions against Reno

One of such by a Facebook user,  Ochuko Edafe, reads: :If you’ve ever been involved in the running of a church administratively and as a head of a church either as  branch pastor or as a general overseer, you will know the extreme sacrifice that real pastors make to ensuring that a successful church service is achieved weekly.

“No Pastor is an employee of any church and no church can pay anyone that is really called of God.

“ As a pastor you work for God’s kingdom and not for any denomination, so if they say you’re not needed where you are, you just need to move quietly to another ministry to work for God or better still go start a new ministry to continue your work with God.  

“Leave church matters for God to judge so you don’t burn out your candle.”

Another Nigerian, Roland Odjeni, commented: “So they should go to other churches and begin afresh as member or pastors or they should be settled according to the numbers of years they put in. Mr Reno reconsider ur stand and imagine urself in their position.  Now when they were performing were they sack? Did you consider the bandit situation in Benue b4 ur conclusion, look even business in those area are not performing take note.” However,  Efe Cole Amadin advised, “My dear Mr. Reno Omokri, you know we love you dearly, but in this instance, I beg to differ with your position. You may feel you have a duty to protect the Church, even that sacred act must be done in holiness & righteousness. God is no respecter of man. Back to the matter, 1 Cor. 3:6 is very instructive. Winners erred sir!”

Nnamdi Sukre Okoro told Reno Omokri, You should’ve listened to the sacked pastor too. He said something about not being able to even generate income for themselves.

“Sir! I don’t think Pastors should be sacked… It’s not supposedly a job. I believe it’s some sort of calling.. And for the reason of church growth, I really don’t get it.. Church growth shouldn’t have an instant impact like the way banks did it. Its not a business. It is something that should be allowed over time. U(Daddy G.O) are the one that tutored and trained this Pastors in your school and certified them worthy..

“And remember, some pastors are really favored, esp when being posted to favorite locations. You don’t expect a person posted in Ogbomosho or Obalende to have an impact of ‘church growth’ like someone that is posted in Ikoyi branch. No matter how you see or judge it.

Others agreed with Reno, John Odeh said:  Organizations sack employers for under performance, how much more the business of God in souls winning. Papa Oyedepo had paid his due to be where he is… young pastor must follow suit.

Abayomi Blessing stated, “Most people react to issues that have to do with Pastors or Churches emotionally. Ever since my days as a child, men like Oyedepo, Oyakilome and Co have always been the subject of condemnation by so called public, yet their ministry keeps expanding.    The Church matches on…

On her part,  Abutu Nancy Omeh hailed Reno Omokri.  God bless you Sir for this clarification whenever there heard any mater from the church the next thing is to render insults on the pastors especially when it comes from bishop, Dr pastor Paul Enenche just Commission a major Road in Abuja recently I didn’t see it anywhere in the news…. Your hatred and your evil propaganda on the church is not stopping the move of God the more your hatred the more the Church kept on waxing stronger and prospering , Can’t you see you are just Ranting in Vain.



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