Rural Sociological Association of Nigeria holds 30th Annual Congress Oct 4-8


By Bamidele Lawson

The 30th Annual Congress of Rural Sociological Association of Nigeria (RuSAN) will take place from October 4-8, 2021, under the theme, “Communication, Governance and Insecurity in Rural Nigeria.”

The Annual Congress, which will take place at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB), will also focus on communication strategies for good governance and conflict resolution; Democracy, local administration, government policy, and security Issues; and  the issue of promoting sustainable rural livelihoods interventions and coping with insecurity.

The gathering of experts will also look at  gender and youth considerations in securing rural areas; climate change as a determinant of insecurity in rural Areas; and insecurity, food system and governance triads

Registration for the Congress, which is holding in collaboration with the Livelihoods Support and Development Centre (SLIDEN AFRICA)  is ongoing.


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