Thousands pay respects at mass funeral for 15 of the 17 Bronx fire victims (Photo Speak)


A crowd of people gathered outside as a coffin is brought in. Paul Martinka

On the morning of January 9, 2022, a high-rise fire killed 17 people, including 8 children, at the Twin Parks North West, Site, high-rise apartment building in the Bronx, New York City, United States. Forty-four people were injured, and 32 with life-threatening injuries were sent to five different borough hospitals. Fifteen were in critical condition the day after the fire.

It was the third-worst residential fire in the United States in four decades, and the deadliest fire in New York City since the Happy Land nightclub fire in 1990, which occurred nearby and claimed 87 lives. The Bronx fire was also the second major residential fire in the Northeastern United States within a one-week period, occurring four days after a fire in Philadelphia public housing resulted in 12 deaths.

Investigators determined that the fire was caused by a defective space heater bursting into flames. Smoke spread through the building as a result of two malfunctioning self-closing doors, causing deaths throughout the building. The fire was largely confined to one apartment; all of the persons killed in the fire died from smoke inhalation, while a dozen critically injured people were badly burned.

Source: Wikipedia. Photos: NY Post


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