Moroccans to get 250,000 temporary new jobs

Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch

Morocco has launched a programme to create 250,000 temporary public works jobs.

U-Metro gathered that the programme, which is named “Awrash”, will initially kick-off in ten provinces, before gradually being implemented across the country

According to a statement by the government, the temporary jobs are “for those who struggle to find job opportunities because of a lack of academic qualifications, as well as people who lost their jobs during the pandemic.”

The country has been battling with high unemployment rate, which rose to more than 12 percent last year, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking on the employment package,  Imad El Ghazal, a research professor specialising in entrepreneurship, said that though Awrash is an “achievable project”, it is unlikely to bring about any substantial change to unemployment figures.

“The issue is that the promised number will not solve the problem – 250,000 [jobs] is far from enough to end unemployment in Morocco,” El Ghazal said.


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