Legendary ‘Away Away’, gives useful tips on life

Dr. Jude Onakpoma

By Tosan Edematie

Legendary US-based Nigerian promoter and veteran Stand-Up Comedian, Dr. Jude Edesiri Onakpoma, popularly known as “Away Away” has shared tips on relationships and life, urging everyone to “do right.”

In one of his usual live videos on Facebook on Sunday, January 23, Dr. Jude Onakpoma, a pioneer standup comedian in Nigeria in the ’80s, and a business mogul, preached, “It doesn’t matter whether everybody is doing the wrong thing, do the right thing. Do right by everybody. When you come to the traffic light; the Stop sign, when nobody is watching, you got to stop, Away Away said, even as he asked “Who are you when nobody is watching?”

On those facing relationship, marital, and other societal problems, Away Away, who is also a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, working with behavioural health patients in America, urged them not to worry, but to enjoy life.  

Hear him: “If you are facing some problems if you can make a change, why worry? If you can’t make a change, why worry? Either way, you do not need to worry. You just got to live your life the best way you can.

“Some people had too much money, but Covid came. They didn’t go but died with their money. So many people had problems, they died with their problems. One life to live, enjoy every day like your last day, there is no guarantee. Live it the way you see it…”

He comforted, “This too shall pass. No problem without a solution. Every problem has a solution, what you got to do is just make that move. Life comes with a lot of problems, the more you grow, the higher you go, the higher your problems are.”

Displaying his religious side, the music-comedian and University of Benin graduate, said: “I just want to let you know that God doesn’t make no mistake. Sometimes God closes the door on you because he wants to open another door. For those who are religious, these are the facts. God doesn’t make mistakes. So whatever you are going through, somebody went through it before. You are not alone. So just take one day at a time, love ain’t no holiday. You have your life to live. Live your life the best way you can.

Further professing that he is a Christian, who “believes in Christ,” the Delta-born promoter advised: “When you are in problems, facing some difficulties, just turn to somebody that you believe in, that you can talk to. There is no problem without a solution. God works in mysterious ways, and if you believe in Christ, hold on to Christ, hold on to God…”


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