Delta Poly students cry out over incessant hostel robberies, invasions


By Tosan Edematie

Students of Delta State Polytechnic,  Ogwashi-Uku residents in private hostels and residences in the town have cried out to the authorities and the security agencies to come to their aid by nipping in the bud the volatile security situation in the community.

In a Save-Our-Soul message to our reporter, a female HND One student of the school, who begged for anonymity,  said the students could no longer sleep at night.

According to her, a lot of the students now dread darkness, the night and go about their daily lives during the day because of the fear of the constant violent robberies.

“Some of us now cringe out of fear at the sound of approaching footsteps or a bang at night, and even during the day when we are indoors.  I can barely sleep. I have to be on alcohol every night so I can doze off o… “

The student continued: “Just today (Sunday, July 7, 2024)  at Bombom Street, there was a robbery this afternoon, in which the robbers took mobile phones and cash from shop owners and PoS Stands in the locality. Similar violent robberies happen constantly in other places.  Kayla’s Street was robbed on Thursday, Kingdom Hall Street, was attacked last night, and Mega Chis, among others, have also been raided. Please, the securities should help us. We are here to acquire education and certificates that will better our lives, we don’t want to be dead, molested or violently assaulted, ” she appealed.

She said “the curious thing about the robberies is that the victims are mainly students. ” I have not heard about any major incidence affecting the indigenes of the town. There have not been a report of a store owned by an indigene ransacked or broken into. I am not insinuating anything, but my problem is why target students who have come here to study? Another thing is that they operate in A group of eight, or beyond. A Close Circuit Camera (CC TV) once captured a group of boys in a large number close to 20 at night approaching a building. We are helpless and on our own. Most of the Landlords are not residents in the town, and hardly care about our plights. The leaders of the Community and the SUG (Student Union Government) seem not to have a clue on what to do about the situation, “the HND One student alleges.

Other students who spoke to this reporter corroborated their colleague, pleading that this news medium calls out to the Police and Delta State Government for rescue on their behalf.

Attempts to reach the Community leaders,  SUG, and the Police for comments have been unsuccessful at the time of Press.


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