The Man Peters Omaruaye – A Profile


The World is a circle and occupied by men of different categories some are born great while others attain greatness through hard work upon the wings of God’s mercy and favor especially since hard work alone may not necessarily push you up the ladder of greatness.

Today, quite a number of people wish to associate with Mr. Peters Omokuayigbe Omaruaye not only because he is a successful businessman but because he has continuously and ceaselessly focused primarily on impacting the lives of all who surround him and cross his path due to his commitment to service and un-reserved philanthropy targeted at the downtrodden and vulnerable Children, Orphans and Widows and through huge endeavors towards community development at the grass root level. The aphorism that no one gives what he does not have applies perfectly to Mr. Omaruaye who has, ingrained in his DNA, selfless service.

So the silent desire and wish in the minds of the multitude of persons who have benefitted from his selfless sacrifices and services is, when will this large-hearted man, offer himself for Public service?.

For a man who is not naturally obtrusive and pushy like Omaruaye to offer himself to serve, at this time in the political space, there is a certainty that he has decided to heed finally to the yearnings and desires of a multitude of people who have beckoned on him to fill the obvious void that exists in public service. Omaruaye’s decision to run for the Delta Central Senatorial Seat is indeed the Electorates’ prayers answered.

It would be rhetorical to underscore the fact that the most urgent need of Nigeria and the Urhobo Nation at this time is conscionable leadership anchored on the ethos that promotes fairness, justice, socio-economic inclusivism, and mutual respect across religions, tribes, and political affiliations. The present exigencies require a leader that has traits of nobility, strength of character, humility, sense of responsibility, accountability, capacity to connect with people, and the ability for effective and appropriate communication; who not only talks but listens to the yearning of all, irrespective of sex, age, colour or tribe. Indeed, we can only confirm that these traits are personified in the man called – Mr. Peters Omaruaye.

Whilst it can be said that Urhobos have never lacked Leadership, we dare say that in this very season, leaders in the similitude of the late Mukoro Mowoe, the First President-General of Urhobo Progress Union (UPU); Jabin Obahor; and Chief T.E.A.Salubi are the kind that we wish to support. Especially since these were/are Urhobo Patriots who sacrificed their lives and resources for their people and we believe that Mr. Peters Omaruaye, a student of Urhobo patriotism, is greatly rooted in the classic Urhobo developmental philosophy, and is gradually moving on the path that was set by his Predecessors.



Mr. Peters Omaruaye is a well-bred Urhobo Man and a native of the Gbaregolor Community of Ewu Clan within Ughelli South Local Government Area of Delta State. He is a seasoned Technocrat with robust Board Room Executive Experience spanning over 30 years. He has proved his worth in Management and Strategic Leadership that covers the following key Executive Management areas: Strategic Negotiations, Electoral campaigns, Finance, Risk, Community, and projects, People Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Security Oversight. Omaruaye is also a proven Self Starter, who is result/target driven, a Natural Problem Solver, an Effective Communicator, Highly perceptive, and Community Focused.


He attended Nana Primary School Warri, between (1973-79) and obtained his Primary School Leaving Certificate. Thereafter, he obtained his WAEC from Government College Ughelli (1979-1984) and proceeded to the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) where he bagged a BSC Degree in Political Science & Public Administration (1984-1989).

He went ahead to complete the Compulsory National Youths Service Corps – NYSC (1995-1996).

Peters has also attended several courses and developmental programs throughout his career including but not limited to Strategic Management, Analytics, and Accounting Courses.


As the Managing Director /Chief Executive Officer of Omars Royal Company Limited, a Company that employs directly and indirectly well over 200 men and women, Mr. Omaruaye has distinguished himself as an outstanding Chairman of the Board of Omar’s Royal Company for more than 30 years, saddled with the responsibility of providing strategic oversight roles including but not limited to Board Management and Advisory; Strategic Stakeholders’ Management, Human Resources Management, Strategy Planning and, Communication.

Some of his many achievements include the design, negotiation, procurement, and installation of a bespoke Automated Wetcast Production Line from Coote Engineering Limited, and thereafter the introduction of the Zenith auto production line which transformed the Company and made it a market leader for concrete road pavement stone production and other concrete elements in the entire south – south of Nigeria and the Company was one of the first indigenous companies that offered premium auto production lines within Delta State.

As early as 2005, through his commitment to the welfare of its staff, he facilitated the introduction of a comprehensive compensation package for its Staff covering Housing, Hospital Retainership, Pension, and Ad- Hoc Grants towards ensuring a holistic approach to the management of Employees even when others within that industry were not committed to such ideals.

Against the backdrop of his huge commitment to the industry in Delta State, Omaruaye emerged the winner of the 2008 Merit Award for his contributions to the manufacturing of quality Building Products from the Nigerian Institute of Builders, Delta State Chapter.


As a man with a high sense of human consciousness driven by his commitment to high Christian ideals, Omaruaye’s philanthropy has provided solace to many children within Delta State. Through efforts of Omars Royal Company and FP&O Foundation, a foundation owned by himself and his family, various scholarships have been awarded to take care of the needs of many Primary, Secondary, and, University Students. In addition, his fervent support of the Michelle Foundation and Gemstone Foundations, An African Leadership Forum has facilitated various interventions that have enhanced the growth and development of the girl child and Women in Business.

As an avid golfer, He has also sponsored various golf tournaments including but not limited to the Omars Golf League at Ogunu Golf Resort and Clubs, which he has sponsored single-handedly in the last 5 years and this has given huge expression to the development of Tourism within Delta State.

As part of his proactive communal efforts, Omaruaye has also provided leadership as the Captain of the Ogunu Golf Resort since 2020, until date, and has driven extensive infrastructural development that has not only improved general golfing experience within Delta State but has placed Warri, Delta State on the Golf Map as the home of one of the most outstanding golf courses in Nigeria.


Although he has always worked behind the scene regarding political activities, he has, since 2007, been an avid political player of repute within Delta State.

His most recent assignments were (1) Director General, Campaign Council (2015) Delta State Labour Party (LP) and; (2) Director General, & Secretary Campaign Council (2019), All Progressive Congress (APC)

Mr. Peters Omaruaye is a Christian and is happily married with children.


Mr. Omaruaye has offered himself and has been duly elected as the Delta Central Senatorial District Candidate of the All-Progressive Grand Alliance APGA in the 2023 General Elections, and in our judgment, he stands out, as a young, vibrant, and energetic man who can provide premium representation, if elected, as the Senatorial representative of Delta Central Senatorial District (Urhobo Nation). It is indeed worthy to note that in this regard, Peters will be walking in the path of his own Father, the Late Honorable S.S.E Omaruaye, who was also a State Parliamentarian in the defunct Bendel State House of Assembly, representing Ughelli South Local Government Area.

With the present leadership lacuna in Delta State and the apparent failure of several persons in mainstream political parties to provide superior leadership and effective governance and with continuous clamor, by Nigerians, including the Urhobo Nation for good governance, it will indeed be the joy of the masses to see the full emergence of Mr. Omaruaye as the elected Senator of Choice in Delta Central, especially against the backdrop of his robust alliance with the governorship candidate of APGA, Chief Great Ovadje Ogboru.

It has been predicted that we shall be seeing shifts in the voting pattern of Nigerians and as we begin to see hope rising amongst our youths even as the old political players begin to fall off ‘the political trees’ to give way for the emergence of new players, we hope that Mr. Peters Omaruaye will be one of those that will rise even as we dare to present him as the best option that the Delta Electorates should pitch their votes on as Delta Central Senator in 2023.


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