Swedish prisoners hold guards hostage, demand for pizza,

The Swedish prisoner hostage takers didn't get a helicopter to escape in, but they did get 20 orders of pizza MOHD RASFAN AFP/File

By Tosan Edemite

The AFP has reported that two Swedish prison guards were held hostage for nine hours by two inmates demanding pizza as ransom. The guards were only released when the food was delivered, a spokeswoman for the penitentiary, said.

Prison spokeswoman, Stina Lyles, assured that none of the guards “was hurt and were able to return safely to their family.”

Another prison official, Torkel Omnell, revealed that the two inmates, who are serving for murder at the Hallby high-security prison near the town of Eskilstuna, managed to force themselves into an area reserved only for guards at about 12:30 pm (1030 GMT), and they took two guards hostage who was in the area at the time.

“We quickly sent in a mediator” and called the police, Omnell said.

Swedish media further reports that the hostage-takers made two demands; a helicopter to escape and 20 pizzas for the other inmates.

“Yes, the pizzas were delivered,” jail spokeswoman Lyles said.

Police sources confirm that the two inmates have been taken to the police station for questioning for “kidnapping.

(Source: AFP)


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