Popular blogger ‘attacked’ for berating Nnamdi Kanu


By Bamidele Lawson.
Journalist and Blogger, Dr Kemi Omolulu-Olunloyo, earned the anger of loyalists and admirers of detained pro-Biafra activist, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu when she berated the latter in a post on her Facebook Page.Referring to the Letter written by Nnamdi Kanu, who is also the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), to the British High Commissioner in Nigeria, Catriona Laing, seeking consular interest and his unconditional release, being a British citizen, Dr Omololu-Olunloyo wrote on her wall:  “Why exactly is Nnamdi Kanu using his British citizenship to try getting out of DSS custody? Was he not agitating to separate Biafra from Nigeria? This dual citizenship scam must stop‼️ Why is a British man trying to destabilize my country and he just realized he’s British. If my children commit a crime in Nigeria, they must be detained.

American or not. Only one of my children is a dual citizen and if he destabilizes Nigeria with 60 ppl killed in 4 months, no embassy should answer him. Fake people everywhere. “#Kemitalks.’The post didn’t go well with supporters of Kanu, hundreds of who wasted no time in hurling diatribes and unprintable words at the blogger. Some of the comments, which were also hilarious,  include one by Chinonso, who wrote, ” This woman is filled with hatred for the igbos,

I have watch and read closely Your reports and writes up about MNK case, honestly all I see is hatred …..Why you don’t write and report on other issues like that,,,, woman better change and stop hating the igbos before #Amadioha kill you.”  In his reaction, Ifeanyi said, ” Wether dual citizenship or not, he has not committed any crime until proven guilty by a fair trial. U have seen how the trial began, two years in prison without trial, granted bail and military sent to his house, rearrested and kept in DSS, not prison. Some people should be stoned when they make a post.” Tina said, “I respect you alot, but this  statement is totally unacceptable.”However, it was not all verbal bombs against Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo as some of her followers gave her pats on the back. Kayana hailed her. He wrote, “Intelligent piece you just dropped aunty.”

Chichi also came to the blogger’s aide. “You people should stop insulting Dr Kemi she is too intelligent for you all in naija. Read her post and understand what’s going on! Stop the bullying stop,” she declared. While Edward said, “”Lots of educated illiterates tell me what she said that’s wrong here he was outside the country instigating war why didn’t he come home and be at warfront like Ojukwu did He can never be half a man Ojukwu was.”U-Metro observed that the post has attracted over one thousand comments, three hours after it was made. 


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