Delta 2023: Okowa, Beware of the Ides of March.


By Fred Latimore Oghebesivbe, Esq.
The detractors of the governor of Delta State, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, have commenced coded attacks to weaken his political structure and make him emotionally and politically unstable from now till May 29, 2023.
The attack groups are within the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and the main opposition, the All Progressives Congress, APC. The two groups have one single agenda; to rubbish Okowa’s achievements and combine efforts to ensure that the incumbent governor does not play any major role in the process that will produce the next PDP governor, come 2023.
The APC group will do all the attacks and distractions while the PDP group is to betray the governor and pull the carpet from under his feet at the last minute. And if they fail to produce the party’s candidate at the party primaries in 2022, an alliance will be formed with APC to deliver her candidate, just to prove to Okowa that the musketeers can make and unmake.
The battle will be fierce because Okowa’s detractors will stop at nothing to make him bow to their pressure either through option A or B; whichever way, there shall be acute deception via deep conspiracy within PDP or unholy alliance with APC to break his political backbone and destabilize his political structure.
It is obvious that governor Okowa will play good politics by ensuring that power shits to Delta Central, but his detractors within the party will not take kindly to any attempt to go against the caucus crown prince, to emerge as  the party candidate, the choice of the reformed musketeers. 
The Crown Prince of the cabal is known within and outside the caucus, but the battle line will be fully drawn if Okowa, does not accept the crown prince; described by political gladiators as a proud, tight fisted and sometimes unnecessarily sarcastic and arrogant individual who knows virtually all the deep things in the system from 1999 till date.
Findings revealed that the crown prince will be difficult to market and deliver politically because of his poor antecedents as a selfish individual who does not care about the feelings and yearnings of the ordinary Deltan. He will do anything and everything to pay full allegiance to his godfather and possibly return Delta State, to the dark years of reckless management of state resources.
It follows that governor Okowa will have to activate his political antenna, and ensure that the avionics and the instrument landing systems, ILS, are in top shape should he decide to go against the crown prince. Reason is that the level of betrayal within the party will be very high, such that it will take the Angels proper angelic spiritual foresight to separate the genuine loyalists from the traitors.
At the APC level, some PDP spies will work with the opposition, gather credible information from Okowa’s team and work ahead to ensure that the Crown Prince emerged as the party’s candidate. And if the Okowa team is able to dislodge the traitors, there shall be a mega alliance with APC to disconnect Okowa at the polls. 
Therefore, Okowa’s team must of a necessity work out smart strategies to pin down black angels within the system to prevent them from hatching their deadly plans to make Okowa politically impotent during and after 2023 governorship politics.
The scenario may undo the losers, for at least eight years, before the system will redefine a new era of leadership and power sharing in Delta State.
Okowa, beware of the Ides of March, to avoid “et tu, Brute?”
Photo caption, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa


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